John Gibbons for District 88 of the Oklahoma House of Representatives

My name is John Gibbons and I am working hard to earn the right to represent You in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. As a local business owner for the past 30 years, I have gained the experience needed to effectively fight for Our interests in the Legislature. Oklahomans are much more enlightened than the headlines from our Capitol indicate. 

Recent debates have shown that our state government is out of touch with the people on economic development, corporate tax incentives, marriage equality, support for the arts, corporate tax breaks, improving public education, reproductive rights, the environment, and renewable energy. We need an experienced, vigilant voice of reason to bring Your concerns to the debate. I am honored and excited to be that voice. 

I am asking for your support to change the direction of the Oklahoma Legislature and make Oklahoma a place we can be even more proud to call home. ​

Thank you!

John Gibbons

John Gibbons for House District 88

John F Kennedy

"Things do not happen.  Things are made to happen."
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